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La Veta School for the Arts

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Classes for Adults


iPhone/Android Cell Phone Camera Workshop with Heather Curtis

June 17-18 and July 15-16, $150

Bring your iPhone/Android/iPad/Tablet (mobile device with a camera) to this fun class and learn how to take spectacular photos with just your phone or iPad camera. Using some clip on lenses, we’ll zoom into the world of macro and fisheye photography and then learn to manipulate the images through a free app called Snapseed.


Experimental Drawing/Painting Workshops with Peggy Zehring

June 19-23, June 26-30, July 24-28, July 31-Aug 4, Sept. 5-9, Sept. 11-15, $375 per week

You will have 5 days (or if you sign up for both classes, 11 days) to discover and explore your own unique style. Emphasis will be on creativity and originality and having fun with your art. Using tools, charcoal and paint, you will explore mark-making, paint possibilities, making sense of nonsense, trusting your own vision and the psychology of line, form and color. You will also begin to learn the language of abstraction. No experience is necessary. A supply list will be sent when you register.


Sumi and Big Brush Painting with Raquel Dimond

July 1-2, $150 (Lab fee $30)

All levels of experience will be welcome in this class. Introducing the big brush in addition to our regular bamboo brushes, we will render leaves, flower petals, grasses, and branches. This class will be discussing the history and techniques of Sumi Painting and the materials needed. Students will be using rice paper, Sumi ink and making beautiful paintings. The lab fee will pay for all the materials needed for this class.


Kinetic Sculpture with Kenny Schneider

July 8-9, $150 (Lab fee $40)

Learn how natural forces such as wind, gravity, and hand movement are used in the creation of art. It is not just bridge and airplane designers who are concerned about how forces interact with objects, but artists as well. You will create your own kinetic sculptures by identifying and capitalizing on these natural forces. Must have some familiarity with hand and power tools.


Stained Glass with Anjillee (Jill) Schwarz

July 21 (6-8 pm), July 22-23 (9-noon and 1-4 pm), $175 (Lab fee $65)

Design and construct a stained glass window start to finish. Students will use a “soft mind” design technique and the copper foil method in this two and a half day class. There will be specific instruction to develop proficiency in the use of tools and materials. We will also learn an appreciation of the nature of glass and the expressive potential of radiant light and color harmony. The lab fee will cover all materials and shared tool costs.


Watercolor with Frank LaLumia

August 5-6, $150

This Watercolor Workshop is designed to deepen our understanding of the craft of Watercolor Painting. Individual technique is a function of one’s personal aesthetic. Individual technique will be emphasized -producing work that is expressive and authentic to each artist’s personal aesthetic. This is our goal. This class is open to artists at all levels, beginner to advanced. Oil painters are welcome. Demonstrations will be in Watercolor.


Advanced Cell Phone Photography Class with Heather Curtis

August 12-13, $150

If you have already taken the beginners cellphone class or consider yourself comfortable with taking photos with your phone, then this class will be fun for you. Using different lenses that clip on, we will capture images around town as we walk through the alleyways of La Veta. We’ll research and sample some of these editing apps and share knowledge of how to get the best final product. Come with an open mind. Bring your phone, charger, any clip on lenses you may have, your iPad or laptop for editing, and any necessary cables. LVSA has wifi.


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with Paula Little

August 19-20, $150

All levels of experience are welcome in this class. Beginners will learn to draw and professionals will gain greater confidence in their abilities and deepen their artistic expressions. Everyone will be shifting from verbal, analytic processing (Left Brain Mode) to spatial, global processing (Right Brain Mode) through exercises to make rapid progress. Right brain exercises unlock the door for everyone to realize their full artistic potential.


Art Welding with Doug Anderson

October 14-15, $150 (Lab fee $60)

This intensive two-day class will give you a hands on introduction to gas and mig welding techniques for creating found object and mild steel sculpture. You will also learn common methods for cutting steel. Various other commonly implemented arts metal techniques will be discussed in detail as well as basic welding safety. On day two, the instructor will assist you in creating a sculpture from found objects that you have brought for that purpose. Class limited to 6.




Shalawalla Gallery

115 W. Ryus Ave., La Veta, CO 81055         

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Beth and Jonathan offer batik classes. Call for a schedule