Our community never ceases to astonish with the talents and life experiences of so many of its members!  Come discover the fascinating world of primatology and the ethics of biomedical research in a thought-provoking discussion with La Veta’s own Dr Sam Struthers.

Thursday, August 5, at 1pm.

Sam Struthers Ph.D., an anthropologist and occupational therapist, has accrued a wealth of experience in human health systems and cross-cultural practices as well as in the behavioral biology of great apes. She performed in the role as director of behavioral sciences implementing the animal welfare act and environmental enrichment at the world’s largest primate research center for over a decade. Dr. Struthers, a Colorado College Anthropology graduate, has been a faculty member in two disciplines, a Fulbright recipient, and an award-winning poet. Today, she continues her work as a naturalist and advocate for children and animals.