La Veta Playground 2nd Public Meeting

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 2022 AT 4:30 PM – 6:30 PMM

La Veta Community Center, 131 E. Ryus Ave.

Please join the second community work session to design a new playground with outdoor fitness equipment for La Veta. The first community meeting and the survey generated many ideas. There is agreement on what you want, so now we get down to selecting the play and fitness equipment. If you are still not sure, close your eyes and imagine a special playground space where you and your family and friends are having crazy fun. Or, maybe you see yourself working out on the new exercise equipment. Now, open your eyes, and let’s talk about what you see.
It’s time for you to design a special play space for La Veta. Bring your phones, laptops, Ipads so you can research and share playground and equipment images with each other. No, phone or laptop, no problem! We will have lots of catalogs for you to cut up. Let’s get creative!!