Cobwebs & Crevices Divine Light Gathering

Mighty beloved friends, hello, all the brightest to you.
Thanks for your interest in the weekly Divine Light gatherings! It is wonderful to be cleaning up the cobwebs of beliefs that crop up now and again, distracting our awareness from our Divine Light and its naturally emanating peace, love and joy. The Zoom link is below.
Also, there is some cool news. In addition to the Thursday and Saturday gatherings, there is another Cobwebs & Crevices Divine Light gathering now happening on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 mountain. It happens in a different Zoom room that belongs to, a wonderful, wonderful online church. That Wednesday gathering can be accessed through this page: Enter Our Online Sanctuary Here (
And, just in case it is helpful. here is the Thursdays & Saturdays Zoom link and detailed information for the weekly Divine Light gatherings on Thursdays & SaturdaysBoth take place at 10:30 AM mountain time (12:30 eastern/11:30 central/10:30 mountain/9:30 pacific/8:30 western pacific/Alaska).
Zoom Meeting (same link every week Thu/Sat)
Meeting ID: 860 2921 9457
Passcode: innerlight
If you have questions or thoughts, or need a call in phone number for Zoom your area, email or text me at 630.864.8992.
More information if desired:
The powerful idea behind gatherings like these is to gently recognize that when we are not experiencing the absolute Peace of God, there is a belief and desire playing in our subconscious mind…below our level of awareness…to have an experience that is different from the Peace of God. Otherwise, we simply couldn’t have such experiences. These desires are far different from what we are accustomed to think of as desires…such as the desire for a new home or a hot fudge sundae or the perfect relationship. They are desires that do not sound like desires…like the desire to believe “I am right.” Or, “the desire to be both in control AND out of control, and in the same instant…”
We work directly with Jesus, who, like ourselves, our family, our friends, colleagues, etc. is a very real, living Light and healing guide within our mind. Jesus is literally Presence of Divine Love showing us we are the same as him, which is Light (Christ in Christian terms), in our True State.
He says we are open enough now for an approach called relishing where we relax and open our subconscious in any moment that is experienced as less than perfect peace…rather than believing we are guilty/bad/unworthy of Light for even seeing/experiencing thoughts that are not coming from God. When we see such thoughts in our mind, we either believe them or fighting them and our dislike of certain experiences. Fighting them doesn’t help. It makes them seem real when they are nothing (i.e., nothing that seem like something…but nothing because they are not coming from our Divine Essence, which broadcasts only Divine thoughts.)
When we don’t resist what seems to be arising that we don’t like the feeling of, and rather we get very quiet, very still within, we notice the still Being, the Divine Being that we truly are.
And, we call on our Divine Essence, our Light and Jesus, immediately for assistance to locate and clear the core belief/desire.
Then, we relax into relishing the desire to not be at peace…this may still sound weird at first…until we remember we’re talking energy here. If we fight energy, we actually make it bigger…because we’re making it seem real…as if there is something to fight against. There is no fight in Divine Light. There is only Love, Peace, Being. I know you know. All our hearts know this.
The relaxation/relishing tool relaxes our mind enough to invite Jesus in to begin clearing the beliefs/desires (such as the desire to be a victim, the desire to be helpless, the desire for ego-control rather than God’s loving control).
Thanks for your interest and for your Light! Have a wondrous week.
Warmest & Infinite Blessings,
P.S. If you wish to not receive emails of this nature, please let me know asap and always THANK YOU for your Divine Light. Likewise, if you know others who may be interested in undoing their suffering thoughts to realize our natural freedom by releasing their Inner Light, please share about this gathering. 
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Dec 08 2021


6:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Dec 08 2021
  • Time: 8:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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